Which Coin is Susan B Anthony On Which Coin is Susan B Anthony On

Which Coin is Susan B. Anthony On? 4 Most Interesting Things About the Susan B. Anthony Dollar

When we delve into the annals of American history, few figures emerge as resonant and influential as Susan B. Anthony. Known for her tireless efforts and indomitable spirit that shaped the women’s suffrage movement, Anthony left an indelible mark on the world.

Susan B. Anthony was more than just a reformer; she was a trailblazer who dedicated her life to the cause of women’s rights. Born in 1820, she championed social change at a time when women were largely excluded from public life.

She fought courageously for a woman’s right to vote, laying the groundwork for the 19th Amendment, which in 1920 – fourteen years after her death – finally granted American women the right to vote.

So, which coin is Susan B. Anthony on? The answer is the Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin. As we embark on the journey of unveiling the identity of this special coin, let’s remember the life and legacy of Susan B. Anthony and the significance of coins as vessels of our shared heritage.

Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin
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1. The Coin’s Design and Imagery

Delving deeper into our exploration of this fascinating piece of history, let’s move on to examine its physical characteristics.


  • The Susan B. Anthony dollar coin has a diameter of approximately 1.043 inches (or 26.5 mm), making it slightly larger than a standard United States quarter.
  • The coin is round in shape, with an eleven-sided inner border on the obverse side, adding a unique touch to its design.
  • One of the most notable aspects of its composition is the materials used.
  • It was made from a copper core surrounded by a layer of a copper-nickel alloy – a testament to the robustness of coins during that time.


Moving onto the coin’s imagery, the obverse side features a detailed right-facing portrait of Susan B. Anthony herself.

  • She wears her hair in a bun, a typical hairstyle of her era, with a soft yet determined expression etched on her face.
  • Surrounding her image are the inscriptions ‘LIBERTY’, ‘IN GOD WE TRUST‘, and the year of minting.
  • On the reverse side, there’s an eagle landing on the moon, an adapted version of the Apollo 11 mission insignia, symbolizing a great leap for mankind.
  • This side also bears the inscriptions ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’, ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM‘, and ‘ONE DOLLAR‘.

The reason behind these design choices is deeply rooted in their relation to Susan B. Anthony’s life and contributions. The depiction of Anthony serves as a direct homage to her tireless efforts in advocating for women’s rights.

Her stern but determined facial expression symbolizes her staunch belief in equality and her unwavering commitment to the cause.

The eagle landing on the moon on the reverse side represents progress and breakthroughs, mirroring the strides made in women’s rights during her life.

By featuring these elements, the coin not only commemorates Susan B. Anthony as an individual, but also underscores the broader themes of progress, perseverance, and the pursuit of equality.


2. Historical Context of the Coin

Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin
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Grasping the historic backdrop during which the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin was minted is crucial to understanding its significance. In the late 1970s, when this coin was introduced, the United States was experiencing a wave of societal changes.

The Civil Rights Movement had made significant strides, and the Women’s Liberation Movement was in full swing. The feminist movement sought equal rights and opportunities for women, echoing the struggle Susan B. Anthony championed nearly a century earlier.

While the decision to feature Susan B. Anthony on the dollar coin might seem intuitive given her contributions, it was not without controversy. The U.S. Mint, the government agency responsible for producing the nation’s coinage, made the decision after considering several alternatives.

It was an audacious move, as this was the first time a woman’s portrait graced a circulating U.S. coin.

The choice of Susan B. Anthony was particularly symbolic as she was a beacon of progress in the fight for women’s rights. Her tireless efforts in advocating for women’s suffrage made her an apt figure to represent the ideals of equality and progress that were central to the sociopolitical climate of the time.

Acknowledgment of Gender Equality

The cultural and societal implications of honoring Susan B. Anthony on a circulating coin cannot be understated. Coins are more than just currency – they serve as tangible reminders of our history and values.

Featuring Susan B. Anthony on a coin was a statement of recognition not just for her work, but also for the broader struggle for women’s rights. It represented a public acknowledgment of the importance of gender equality and a tribute to those who fought for it, like Anthony.

Moreover, the coin served as a conversation starter, sparking discussions about women’s rights and societal roles. For some, it was a symbol of women’s progress; for others, it was a reminder of how much further society had to go.

Either way, the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin played an important, albeit subtle, role in shaping attitudes towards gender equality during its time.


3. The Impact of the Coin

Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin reverse side
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As we delve into the impact of the Susan B. Anthony coin, it is crucial to understand that the coin’s reception was not without controversy. The public and collectors alike had mixed opinions about this new and unprecedented addition to the U.S. currency.

Public and Collector Reception

Upon its release, the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin sparked significant interest among the general public. Some applauded the innovative step of featuring a female figure on a circulating U.S. coin, recognizing it as a symbol of progress toward gender equality.

However, others were less enthusiastic. Collectors found the coin intriguing due to its unique design and historical significance, but many everyday users were confused by its similarity in size and color to the quarter. This led to some dissatisfaction and resistance to its widespread use.

Controversies and Criticisms

The release of the Susan B. Anthony coin was not without controversy.

  • One of the main criticisms centered around its design. Its near resemblance to the quarter caused a great deal of confusion and made it less popular for transactions, causing some to question the practicality of its introduction.
  • Furthermore, despite the progressive intention behind featuring a woman’s portrait, some critics argued that the choice of Susan B. Anthony, a white woman, neglected to reflect America’s diverse population and history of women’s rights activism.

Lasting Impact

Despite these controversies, there’s no denying the lasting impact of the Susan B. Anthony coin. It marked a significant step forward in recognizing women’s contributions to society, offering a tangible symbol of the ongoing struggle for gender equality.

Moreover, it sparked important conversations about representation in our everyday lives, including in our currency. Even though the coin was short-lived in circulation, it continues to be a valued collector’s item and an enduring symbol of women’s rights.

It serves as a reminder of Susan B. Anthony’s legacy and the long history of the fight for women’s suffrage.


4. How to Get a Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin?

Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin
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If you are interested in obtaining a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, there are a few different ways you can go about it:

Coin Dealers: Contact local coin dealers or visit numismatic shops to see if they have any Susan B. Anthony dollars in stock. They may have both circulated coins and uncirculated ones available for purchase.

Online Auctions: Websites such as eBay offer a wide selection of Susan B. Anthony dollars for sale. You can browse through listings to find the specific year or condition of the coin you are looking for.

Coin Shows: Attend coin shows or conventions where dealers from around the country gather to buy, sell, and trade coins. These events often have a diverse range of coins available, including Susan B. Anthony dollars.

Online Coin Retailers: There are several reputable online coin retailers that specialize in selling various coins, including Susan B. Anthony dollars. These websites often provide detailed information about the coins and allow you to purchase them directly.

When purchasing a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, be sure to consider factors such as the coin’s condition (graded or ungraded), mint mark (if applicable), and any potential premiums associated with rare or high-quality specimens. It’s also important to research current market prices to ensure you are paying a fair price for the coin.



The tale of the Susan B. Anthony coin is steeped in history, symbolism, controversy, and ultimately, recognition of an extraordinary woman’s contribution to society.

This small piece of metal, adorned with the likeness of a fearless advocate for women’s rights, tells a story much larger than its physical size might suggest.

The choice to feature Susan B. Anthony was not made lightly. It was a bold statement acknowledging the progress made while highlighting the work that still lay ahead. The coin’s release stirred up public sentiment, sparking both praise and critique.

Yet, it undeniably played a role in raising awareness of women’s rights issues and cementing Susan B. Anthony’s legacy.

Our odyssey through the life of this singular coin underscores the necessity to recognize and celebrate figures like Susan B. Anthony. Her story, immortalized in this coin, is an enduring reminder of the pivotal role she played in championing women’s rights.

The Susan B. Anthony coin holds a wealth of history, but it is only one aspect of her expansive legacy. I encourage you to delve deeper and learn more about her life, her struggles, and her triumphs.