Was Albert Einstein Smart Was Albert Einstein Smart

Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein You Need to Know

But what are the top 2 interesting facts about Albert Einstein that will blow your mind?

So prepare for astonishment; Albert Einstein was not just a theoretical physicist, but also an avid violinist and one of the co-discoverers of the now-famous theory of relativity, which we think is very astounding.

Albert Einstein is largely considered to have had one of the greatest minds of all time. But, you might be surprised to learn a few interesting facts about the well-known scientist.

The discovery of two of them demonstrates how Albert Einstein’s early curiosity and love of learning paved the way for the growth of science and technology.

1. Expelled from School and Failed the Entrance Exam

Einstein was a brilliant scientist who accomplished many significant feats. Did you know he was born in Germany in 1879 and had a colourful childhood? He was a clever young man who was interested in mathematics, physics, and philosophy.

At the age of 15, he was expelled from school and failed the entrance exam for the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School. Nonetheless, because of his effort and brilliance, he got admitted by the age of 17.

What are two interesting facts about Albert Einstein
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His path to becoming a great scientist had already begun, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Albert Einstein’s accomplishments serve as evidence of his extraordinary talent, but his early setbacks reveal how tenacious and driven he was to succeed.

“Albert Einstein’s Accomplishments will live on in history.

2. A Life of Unusual Patterns

Albert Einstein’s eccentric tendencies might have contributed to his Nobel Prize success.

The eminent scientist’s eccentricities were unquestionably memorable, from sleeping only four hours a night to his entertaining habit of riding a tricycle through Princeton.

Even when he was thinking, he was known to stick out his tongue, but fortunately, this quirk did not interfere with his amazing discoveries. The fact that Albert Einstein was a genuine eccentric genius and received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 is no surprise.


Albert Einstein’s rejection of an offer to lead Israel in 1952 and the fact that he won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for his research on the photoelectric effect—rather than his well-known Theory of Relativity—are both fascinating facts. The most peculiar fact, though, is that Einstein once worked as a patent clerk in Bern, Switzerland, where he had to turn down some odd inventions, like one that combined the washing machine and an ironing board.